Conditions for participation





  • STEFANIK TRAIL can be run only by runners reaching the age of 18 on the day before the actual start of the race.
  • The STEFANIK TRAIL competitors must be physically and mentally ready and trained to go through extremely tough conditions and situations occurring during the race. Runners are fully responsible to judge if their training for this race was appropriate and they are ready for this extraordinary challenge longing about 144 km with cumulative incline of 5330 m and decline of 5680 m.
  • All runners including PACER runners run this race on their own individual risk and they would need to agree and sign by their own hand before the race the following anouncement: Prehlásenie pretekára (SK)Runners proclamation (EN).
  • Each ultra runner, with no exception, is obligated to bring to the presentation before the start (resp. during the bib number pick up procedure) this particular Medical Check Proclamation document signed by runner and give it to the organizers. In case the document is not handed over the organizers the runner will not get his bib number and will not be allowed to start the race with no refound of the race fee. There will be the last chance to sign the document at the presentation before the start, however we very much recomend to bring this separate document with you and not wait in the queue.
  • Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicates full acceptance of the race rules and any changes they may have to undergo. By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.
  • Each participant clearly understands he is running in CHKO Malé Karpaty park and will follow all related rules of Slovak republic legislation, especially the law “Zákon č. 543/2002” about protecting the nature and the country.
    The race will take place in an environmentaly protected area with a specific and unique ecosystem. Therefore, runners must follow very strict rules of not throwing trash along the paths, not picking up the flowers or disturbing wild animals. Anyone caught leaving garbage along the path will be disqualified from the race and incur the penalties foreseen in the municipal regulations. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, the runners will NOT be given plastic cups at the aid stations. Each runner shall be required to carry his/her own drinking cup or water bottle, which can be filled at the refreshment points.
  • Individual runners as well as members of relay teams can start only if they were registered, and have picked their bib numbers during personal presentation before the start. More information at “Registration and presentation”. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE for runners to switch bib numbers to other person who were not registered. If the organizers find out breaking this rule the whole relay team will be disqualified.
  • Ultra runners as well as relay team runners have to carry the mandatory equipment (more in Art. 2 „Mandatory equipment“)
  • Runners will receive a SPORTIDENT chip (more in section “Registration and presentation“)




  • Elastic bandage, isomeric blanket (foil), whistle or noise creating instrument
  • Shining light reflective component on apparel or bag (safety light)
  • Headlamp with min. 100 lumens and duplicate batteries (or PowerBank to charge) 
  • Cellphone (switched off due to the saving battery energy in case of emergency usage)
  • Own water cup
  • Garbage pouch
  • Dressed apparel during dark hours
  • 1 liter of water for ultra runner as well as for relay runner at the beginning of each running stage

If there is one single component missing during personal presentation before the start individual runners and teams will not be allowed to run the race. They will be disqualified if they will miss anything from the equipment during the whole length of the race.


  • Elastic bandage, isomeric blanket (foil), whistle or noise creating instrument
  • Shining light reflective component on apparel or bag (safety light)
  • Head torch with minimum 100 lumens and duplicate batteries (or PowerBank to charge). 
  • Cellphone (switched off due to the saving battery energy in case of emergency usage)
  • Own water cup
  • Garbage pouch
  • Dressed apparel during dark hours
  • 1 liter of water at the beginning of each stage

If organizers will find out any missing equipment, the pacer will be disqualified immediately. The ultra-runner will be allowed to continue the race without the pacer.


  • Gauze, disinfection
  • GPS not only in cellphone
  • Reflective vest
  • Jingle bell
  • Second torch (hand) for better 3D identification of objects and obstacles with minimum 100 lumens and duplicate batteries (or PowerBank to charge)
  • Trekking poles
  • Back-up sox
  • Adequate apparel corresponding with the actual weather forecast
  • Back-up running shoes
  • UV protective sunscreen
  • Head cover / buff / cap
  • Anti-chafing cream
  • Amount of water related to your individual sweat index and the distance to the next aid station
  • Money (min. €20)
  • Good mood and smile for your friends, volunteers and barking dogs



  • The race can be finished by individual runner or team only if they follow all rules defined in this document including the aid stations cut off time limits (see cut off time limits here)
  • All runners or teams that will drop off the race due to the cut off time or due to any other reason MUST inform organizers immediately! They have to inform organizers personally at aid stations or via mobile phone to avoid false rescue search. Such irresponsible act will lead to legal and financial consequences for the initiator and he/she will become a banned person for the entire future event existence.  
  • To use someone else’s equipment and food transport is allowed only in the area of the aid station, not on the path between aid stations.
  • Crew teams have to follow the rules of public traffic, follow parking instructions given by the organizers. Crew teams must not disturb the peace in the night and need to respect and follow the rules of the police if necessary. If the crew team will show disrespect toward organizers, police, runners or public, if they will through the garbage, make a noise or will be recognized as drinky, their team or individual runner will be disqualified from the race immediately.
  • The event will be held in any weather condition. However, the organizers have the right to change the path and the program including a canceling the event if these changes will be a result of dramatic weather conditions changes. The event can be canceled due to the weather extremes 48 hours before the start without need to return runners registration fee.
  • Should the race be cancelled because of circumstances beyond our control up to 15 days before the race, the Organization reserves the right to refund 50% of the admission fee. This percentage is calculated to enable the Organization to cover part of the expenses incurred.
    Should the race be cancelled or interrupted for atmospheric reasons, or for any other reason beyond our control, no refund of the registration fee will be made.
  • In case of adverse weather conditions (dense fog, snow or thunder storms), the organization reserves the right to make last-minute changes, even during the race, to the race route in order to eliminate potential hazards or conditions that could cause hardship for the participants. The staff shall inform the participants of any changes. The organization also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race if the weather conditions are such that they put athletes, staff or medical teams at risk.
  • In case of diversion of a part of the runners or relays only to a different path,, or in case of cancelation of the race, there will be no results of the race declared. There will be the alphabet order of the runners and relays with their times on the refresment stations and finish published, without declaring the order.




The peace of the M.R. Štefánik memorial is protected by Slovak republic legislation (Zákon NR SR č. 402/2000 Z. z. o zásluhách M. R. Štefánika o Slovensko).

  • Only online-registered runners or the alternates that were rewritten in the registration system before the date stated on in the part "Registration and presentation" may become approved runners of the race and step on the start line.
  • ULTRA SINGLE runners will do their personal presentation in the start area between 15:30 and 18:30. PACERS will do the presentations in the area of their start (aid station).
  • RELAY TEAMS will do their presentation in the area of start between 19:30 and 22:30. All captains will receive a file of documents to study and to collect hand signatures of all team members. The first runners of the teams must return all these signed documents while the personal presentation before the start. If a single document will be missing the whole team will not be allowed to race.
  • In the area of the start (cottage Bradlo) there will be possibility to eat and snack, to wash hands and use the toilet.
  • Ultra runners will have a chance to give baggage for the transport to the finish area. Ultra runners will be allowed to hand over their drop bags marked with their name and bib number. It is strongly recommended to pack your dropbags into a transparent plastic bag with very visible name and bib number.
  • We do not wait. The starting shot will shoot on time. Runners will be allowed to cross the starting line no later than 30 minutes after the shot.
  • Every runner has to have his Sportident chip on the starting line. You will receive the chip during personal presentation. Runners might also get a paper sheets protected by plastic cover in order to mark a checking codes in controlling areas on the path (runners will receive all detailed information about this subject during the presentation).
  • Organizer will be dressed up in reflective vest with STEFANIK TRAIL logo and number. They will be very visible for you and will help you.


  • After crossing the finish line in time limit, you will receive a medal. You will receive a further instructions form volunteers.
  • Runners will be informed before and after the race about possibilities to eat, use bathrooms and will receive information about food and personal belongings in finish area. We plan to build a relax zone in the finish line area.
  • All volunteers will be dress up in reflective vests with STEFANIK TRAIL logo. Do not hesitate to ask them for help and follow their instructions.


  • ULTRA SINGLE runners can use the assistance of the PACER from the Pezinská Baba aid station. ULTRA RELAY runnners are not allowed to use pacers. One ULTRA SINGLE runner can have more pacers, however just and only one running at the same time! Pacers can switch just and only at the aid stations. In case of breaking this rule the ULTRA runner will be disqualified.
  • Pacers will receive a special bib that has to be visible on their body. They all have the right to use the aid station services (food, drinks, or drop bag service), pacers will not receive the medal at the finish line. Each pacer has to pay 15 EUR at his/her starting point aid station. ULTRA SINGLES MUST register their PACER/s, no later than on the date stated on in the part "Registration and presentation", directly into their own registration.
  • Pacers are restricted to carry personal belongings of the ultra-runner. They must not touch the runner with body or a thing that could be used as a minimal support to continue in the race. They must not carry water for the runner as well. These restrictions do not apply to disabled runners.
  • Pacers are allowed to verbally communicate with ultra-runners, cheer them, and control their conditions. Giving the instructions to wear proper apparel, reminding to eat and urinate. If pacers will not follow these strict rules runners and pacer will be disqualified from the race immediately.


  • CAPTAINS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REGISTRATION AND FEE PAYMENT FOR THE WHOLE TEAM. HOWEVER, ALL IMPORTANT DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY EVERY SINGLE TEAM MEMBER PERSONALY. First runners form the team must bring completed documents and hand them to organizers during personal presentation before the start.
  • There are max. 7 and min. 4 runners in one relay team. Every single stage of the race has to be run by only one runner (member of the relay team) at the time. No assistance of other team members on the path in any case is allowed until the runner reaches the next aid station. The only exception is the stage no. 7 where
    the whole team can join the last runner and run with him/her from the Lafranconi bridge to the finish.
  • It is upon the team to decide which runner will run a particular stage. It is inevitable to adjust the chice according to current runners’ conditions. Read characteristics of each stage on this web page and decide properly.
  • At the end of April we will provide relay teams with written information about mandatory briefing for team captains. We will send you direct mail and the information will be displayed on page as well as on The mandatory briefing will be given to relay team runners after the date stated on in the part "Registration and presentation".
  • ULTRA SINGLE runners as well as the ULTRA RELAY runners will be briefed about the course conditions in the start area before the start. The most valid and detailed information about the course is included in this web side.
  • The subject of the briefing will be the security of the runners including night trail running specifics, orientation and marking of the course. We will go through details of each stage characteristics. We will answer all given questions.
  • The correct orientation has a significant influence on successful finishing the race.


  • Crew tams have to follow the rules of public traffic, follow parking instructions given by the organizers. Crew teams must not disturb the peace in the night and need to respect and follow the rules of the police if necessary. If the crew team will show disrespect toward organizers, police, runners or public, if they will through the garbage, make a noise or will be recognized as drinky, their team or individual runner will be disqualified from the race immediately.



  • The athletes are required to run in part self-sufficiency and must carry at least one litre of liquid. There will be 6 refreshment stations along the route:
    • Dobrá voda (15.2 km)
    • Buková lake (38.4 km)
    • Sološnica (56.0 km)
    • Pezinská baba (79.1 km) 
    • Bratislava, Kamzík - buffets (107.2 km) 
    • Bratislava, Devín - church (127.5 km)
  • Only the runners carrying a visible race number have access to the aid stations.
  • The food and liquids from the aid stations must be consumed at the aid stations; it is strictly forbidden for athletes to drink from the bottles and tanks provided by the aid stations: runners must use their personal cup or flask.
  • Garbage must be thrown into the trash cans present in every refreshment station.
  • When leaving each aid station, athletes must have sufficient liquid and food to reach the next station.
  • There is another liquid refreshment point at the finish line. Furthermore, each participant can make use of a food voucher.
  • During daytime, it will also be possible to purchase food and drinks in the few places along the path especially in Bratislava stages (6 and 7).
  • Personal family assistance is only tolerated at aid stations, in a specific area.
  • Food and drinks at refreshment posts are strictly reserved for the runners.
  • Muling is not allowed.



  • The following infringements will lead to Immediate disqualification with withdrawal of the race number bib:
    • taking shortcuts
    • throwing away garbage along the race path
    • failing to aid a participant in difficulty
    • physical or verbal insulting or threatening the staff or volunteers
    • using transport during the race
    • refusing to undergo checks by the medical staff along the race route
    • refusing to allow checks of the mandatory equipment
    • failing to have a headlamp, or that the headlamp fails to satisfy the minimum brightness of 100 lumens, a wind cheater (anorak), a survival blanket/heat sheet, camel bag or bottles (1 liter volume)
  • 180 minutes of penalty are foreseen for the following infringements:
    • missing control point (check points or aid stations) - for every missing control point 180 minutes of penalty
  • 60 minutes of penalty are foreseen for the following infringements:
    • failing to have alternative batteries (resp. old changed batteries or second torch if one of the torches is based on USB charging principle)
    • failing to show the race number bib on the visible part of the body

    The penalty will be applied immediately, where the infringement has been established.

  • The penalization or disqualifying will be applied right after finding the rules were violated. The authority for this act is every single volunteer on the path after communication and agreement with the race marshals.
  • Those runners or the relay teams, that fail to report their withdrawal from the race immediately when they make the decission, they will be baned from STEFANIK TRAIL race for the entire future of the event existance under the management of O.Z. VESTIGIUM organisation.



    Check points will be distributed on the path. In these areas there might be path marshals and volunteers controlling the mandatory equipment as well as disqualifying those who would use path shortage. Should anyone refuse to undergo the check on the mandatory equipment, they shall be disqualified immediately.

    In order to protect the health of the participants, medical staff at the check points has the authority to stop those runners who are judged unfit to continue the race. In this case, the participant must follow the indications of the member of the medical staff. Anyone failing to do so will be disqualified immediately. If runners do not reach the aid stations before the cut off time, they are automatically out withdrawn from the race and have to get in contact with race organizers.

    Runners need to have a cellphone with them with saved integrated emergency system line 112, phone numbers of crew and relay team members as well as the race officials assistance number that will be given to runners at the start area before the race.
    Should you DNF the race all runners MUST inform officials immediately using the phone and/or by announcing this fact to the closest aid station captain. This must be done in order to prevent a false alarm and rescue operations and put other participants in serious danger. Such irresponsible act will lead to legal and financial consequences for the initiator and he/she will become a banned person for the entire future event existence.  

    There are no marks of current kilometer on the path. Runners must strictly follow the race marking, avoid using shortages. Breaching this rule will cause an immediate disqualification and runners using shortages and not proper race locations are left on their own responsibility and health risk.

    STEFANIK TRAIL has no winners. There are only “the first on the finish line”. These athletes may get a nonfinancial award after the race additional to the race commemorative medal.

    On registration, the competitors authorize the organization to freely use any images depicting athletes during their participation in STEFANIK TRAIL, whether still or in movement, with no territorial or time limits. This material may be used for commercial activities to promote the STEFANIK TRAIL event as well as products of its partners and O.Z. VESTIGIUM.