Stage 2

Stage 2:   Dobrá Voda – Buková Lake      ► 23,2 km ▲ 978 m ▼ 937 m



Itinerary of the complete route STEFANIK TRAIL and stage map

Starting point Stage 2: Dobrá Voda, village

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.599341521039605  Long 17.537788096815348

End point Stage 2: Buková Lake

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.531884634867311  Long 17.363442583009601


StefanikTrail2014-26-Dobra-voda"Speed and Climb”, both of them to be celebrated in this stage. Most of the ultra-runners will run a dominant part of this stage in darkness already. After easy and relatively fast part in the forest as well as on a few roads, runners will start climb the highest mountain of the race, Záruby. It is quite technical and rocky part, especially around and on the top of the hill. After reaching the top of Záruby technical runners with high lumen torches will enjoy the fly down to the lake Buková. Be sure you see very well under your feet once you reach the last kilometer of greenfield. One year there is a grass field and you do not see a small but risky holes covered by the long grass. Next year, this part can be covered with corn fields. Watch your feet; do not get hurt while thinking that it is an easy part and very close to your next aid station.

StefanikTrail2014-55-v-okoli-Dobrej-vodyStage 2 challenge: 80:20 forest / asphalt ratio. The official tourist red mark and the light reflecting tape marking will keep you safe and smiling while running and climbing this part of your journey. We make sure the reflecting tape will be placed on the lower level of trees in order to be visible for runners that will climb high and start to be tired with heads down watching the stones and rocks on the ground. Relay teams should nominate for this stage some fast and technical runners. In case relay team does not have a very technical runner in the team we recommend and rules allow you to set two runners to run this section. Your safety and positive experience is always on the first place of this event.

The good news: This stage is probably one of the two the most technically difficult stages. Once you pass it you can relax for a while and if it is hot, you can cool your body down in the lake Buková. Good people and good food is waiting for you at the aid station J

Good advice: Do not miss any of the “dead checkpoints”. At this stage you will be passing a road bridge. Make sure you safely cross the bridge avoiding troubles with cars. However, during the night, the bridge is usually pretty empty and quiet. Do not forget to hydrate and load your body with some high quality energy before you start climbing Záruby. Only then you will you will keep positive memories from this part of the race.