Stage 5

GPX FILE STAGE 5 – DOWNLOADStage 5:   Pezinská Baba – Kamzík, buffets  ► 28,1 km ▲ 759 m ▼ 890 m



Itinerary of the complete route STEFANIK TRAIL and stage map

Starting point Stage 5: Pezinská Baba, cottage Korenný vrch

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.347777221351862  Long 17.191059440374374

End point Stage 5: Kamzík, buffets

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.184080831706524  Long 17.09911298006773


StefanikTrail2014-83x-IMGP6183-Pezinska-baba”The longest stage of STEFANIK TRAIL”, 28 km. It has a few shorter steep inclines, but you can call it the “fast one”, especially if you run in relay team. Chose the fastest runner from your team. By doing that, you can win some extra time. This stage includes number of changes in terms of changing the tourist trail marking. Study this stage very carefully on the map. Have your eyes open wide and you will not get lost. We will do maximum to support you with an extra portion of our own marking, however this does not have to be enough if you are tired with head down to your feet. The closer to Bratislava you are, the more tourists on the trail you meet. The final kilometers of this stage (aprox. 105. km of the ultra-race) is new comparing to the last year. We will let you love our aircable in Koliba. No, you will not get on one of its cabins, you will climb it under…J Want to know some exact data? Here they are… Those will be your almost final 1000 meters with +200 meters incline. Have super fun!

Stage 5 challenge: 95:5 forest / road ratio. Study hurt, study all those official marking color changes. The more people near Bratislava in the forest, the higher probability is that they will remove our own extra marking. You better know the course by heart.

StefanikTrail2014-83x-DSC 4371-Pezinska-babaThe good news: Yes, this one is a long one but not as technically challenging than those previous ones. Did you reach Kamzík aid station? Welcome to Bratislava and welcome to the stage behind 100 kilometers! It truly is a reason to celebrate by eating some fruits, drinking coke, beer, getting some extra calories of the next “city trail half marathon”. Take your time. Most of the runners thought last year, “The worst is behind me!” Well, they were pretty wrong J. The true and unique STEFANIK TRAIL fun is ahead of you. Yes, there are some ultra-trail runs in the world that start and end in the metropolis (London, Paris, Brussels), but STEFANIK TRAIL is the only one true mountains ultra-marathon that has its finish in the heart of the capital city.

Good advice: Before taking off the Pezinská Baba, make sure you drink a lot. And make sure you have filled your water reservoir and bottles. This one is long. Many ultras will slow down and it may take 4+ hours to get to the next aid station. Take some food with you to. Those extra calories may allow you to finish the race. The next 28 kilometers will be very tough physically and mentally as well.